Ephesians 6:1-4

Fill-In Notes:



1. What do you think about this idea: the family is the primary place for training children to submit to authority.

a. Have you noticed what happens to people who don’t learn to live under authority? (How they cope in society (school, work, officials, the police…How they relate to God?)


a. Think about the sort of things you say to your children (or your parents said to you) as you discipline them.

i. Could you use this line with your children/grandchildren?“

1. God has placed you under my authority to teach you to live under His authority”?

b. Can you see why allowing children to “obey” with delay, excuse, or challenge is really just willful disobedience?

c. How might it help you to think of your parental role as “showing them what our gracious Father in heaven is like” ?

3. ADULT CHILDREN: What is so challenging about “honoring your mother & father” (especially if you think they don’t deserve it)?